B2B: Back to Back with BIGBANG’s Comeback!

Photo Credits: BIGBANG Official Facebook Page

After three years of non-stop playing and hearing “Fantastic Baby” everywhere, three years of waiting, and those teasers that makes everyone anticipate for their comeback, it is now official – BIGBANG is Back!  BIGBANG released two music videos at 12midnight KST of May 1. The two songs, ‘Loser’ and ‘Bae Bae’ are the first two tracks from their ‘MADE Series’ album. From what I have read all over the internet, BIGBANG will split the ‘MADE Series’ into five having one album per month (May, June, July August). Then on September, they will released a full-length album.

Loser  music video was filmed in Los Angeles showing the different difficulties that the 5 members encounters. From what I have understood, GD deals with himself because of fame, Daesung being bullied, Taeyang dealing about his faith and religion, TOP facing problems when it comes to material things and possessions, and Seungri having problems related to love.

At last part of the video, I just want to hug and tell them everything will be alright. 😦 Especially, Daesung. Urgh, I just can’t tolerate seeing him bullied like that. And Seungri being angry like that. I’m not used to the maknae being so angry and TOP. Seeing TOP at the end of the video reminds of his movies like Into The Fire and The Commitment.

Written by: Teddy, TOP, G-Dragon
Produced: Teddy, Taeyang

“Bae Bae” music video is very colorful and BIGBANG showed the really crazy side of them especially GD and TOP. If the Loser MV made you all teary-eyed, Bae Bae MV will make you laugh, smirk, and feel crazy!

I have to give credits to Seungri here, for grabbing the Best Bias Wrecker award! I think every fangirl agrees with me that Seungri stole everyone’s heart here! His white hair really suits him which I didn’t imagine that will look perfect on him. GD here is kind of.. going crazy with those dolls! What’s up with GD and dolls?! And Taeyang and his long hair, and Daesung on the water! When it comes to TOP, oh well. I’ll leave you with that and just watch the video.

Bae Bae
Written and Produced by: G-Dragon, TOP, Teddy

As of today, Loser and Bae Bae music video reached more than 2 Million views in less than 24 hours. Let’s make it to 5 Million!!

and the two songs topped all the music charts.

BIGBANG M Group Photo from BIGBANG Official Facebook Page
Chart from ALLKPOP


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