Review: Etude House – Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack

For my first review, it will be Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack: Pore & Sebum Care from Etude House. According to Etude House PH’s website it claims that “It is a soft clay pack that reduces the size of pores and amount of sebum with its smooth texture.”


copyright etude hose ph website


The tube has a green packaging and contains 150ml. This costs Php448. The packaging suggested in using it once to twice a week. It contains a Brazil Forest Clay and Eucalyptus.

The texture is smooth and thick thus, it can be easily applied. When it comes to the scent, it has a mild scent of peppermint/eucalytpus. The scent is actually relaxing in my opinion.


  1. Wash your face and apply face toner.
  2. Apply and spread the soft clay evenly in your whole face avoiding your lips and eyes.
  3. After 5-10 minutes (although I let it stay for about 30 minutes to really make sure the clay does it jobs!), wash it with warm water.

Using the clay pack, I can feel a slight tightness but not that too tight that I can’t open my mouth. After washing it off, my skin felt smooth however for the pores part, I think it did not minimized. I have tried this for a couple of times already and I haven’t experienced any itchiness or irritation.

Will I Buy Another One? Maybe
4 out of 5
Recommended to: people with normal to oily skin.



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