Ye Dang Korean BBQ Restaurant


Over the weekend, I have tried Ye Dang Korean Restaurant. Ye Dang serves authentic Korean dishes from their banchan (side dishes) to their main dishes!

Upon entering their restaurant, you will be greeted by the owners and staff saying the usual “Annyeonghaseyo!” or “Kamsahamnida!” once you are already done eating.šŸ˜Š

The serving of food was fast enough considering we ate during the peak hour (around 12:30pm). The serving of banchan were generous enough that I think I can already be full with the side dishes only. As I remembered, the banchan were some vegetables (spinach, I think), green onion pancake, kimchi, kimchi radish, sweet potatoes, some sweet anchovies (dilis), and fish cake! Every side dishes was delicious indeed.


Our next orders were served: Samgyupsal/Grilled Pork Belly (Php300), Dak Gui/Grilled Chicken (Php300). The two dishes were charcoal grilled by the waitress for us. The next dishes that served were Kongnamulhaejangkuk/Sprout and Vegetable Soup (Php250), and Tteokbokki/Stir-Fried Rice Cake (Php350). Both the Samgyupsal and Dak Gui were soft and tender. The Sprout and Vegetable soup was a simple soup but scrumptious.Ttekbokki was yummy too having noodles, fish cake and rice cakes in it. šŸ˜Š All the dishes were tasty and delicious, surely a thumbs up! šŸ‘

As we were paying for our food, the owner approached us and asked if we enjoyed the food. Which I truly appreciate since the restaurant at that time was full, and she had time to ask for a customer’s feedback.

Overall, the service was good since it was fast. It was fast to order, to serve our food, and to pay for our food. The staff was very accommodating once we entered the restaurant until we left the place. Food was excellent and really authentic! šŸ‘Œ

I would surely be back at Ye Dang and try their other dishes.

Ye Dang is located at 88, Meralco Commercial Complex, 88 Meralco Avenue Corner Julia Vargas, Pasig. They are open everyday from 11am to 2:30, then 5:00pm to 10:30pm.

*This is not a sponsored post.



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