Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby

I was craving for some fries and fortunately was able to visit Potato Corner. Personally, Potato Corner is the best flavored fries for me! I really do love their bbq, and sour cream flavors.

Potato Corner has opened a “restaurant-like” environment this year with the name “Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby.” Usually, they are just in kiosks inside malls where you’ll order, and just wait for your fries to be cooked in front of it then leave. But with this store, it has chairs and tables where you can dine in.

This store caters not only fries, but also specialty fries, nachodogs, and nachos! The price for their fries has additional Php10 compared to the kiosks one. Fries prices are as follows: Large (Php60), Jumbo (php90), Mega (Php110), Giga (Php180), and Tera (Php210). I think there is an increase of price since customers can dine in. Flavors available are the cheese, sour cream, bbq, chili bbq, sour cheese, and sweet corn.

Nachodogs are available in two kinds: Mexicon Carne-Dog (Php150), and Quatro Queso Nachodog (Php150). They also have Nacho Amiga of Quezo Frit0 for Php150 (5 pieces). They have 4 kinds to choose from for their nachos namely: The Killer Keso (Supremo: Php90; Ultimo: Php120), Senorita Salsa (Supremo: Php90, Ultimo: Php120), Labimbeef (Supremo: Php150, Ultimo: Php260), and Lucha Chix (Supremo: Php150, Ultimo: Php260). The Killer Keso as they described is the mother of all Nacho Bimby cheeses over crispy tortilla chips. Senorita Salsa is the perfect pairing of salsa made with Nacho Bimby’s special spice mix and pico de gallo stacked over tortilla chips. Labimbeef is Nacho Bimby’s signature pulled beef brisket marinated in Mexican Spices, braised until tender. Lucha Chix is chargrilled chicken marinated in cilantro, garlic, onions and lime.

I haven’t tried their nachodogs nor nachos because when I went there, I was really craving for some flavored fries. However, I’ll be back again and will definitely try it! Again, for their fries, I think it is still the best flavored fries. 😊

Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby are located at 4th Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City and 2nd Floor, Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Centre, Greenhills, San Juan City.

Thank you for reading! 😊  If you have any suggestions, inquiries, or want collaborations, you may comment below or use my contact form here.

💸 This is not a sponsored/paid article.


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