PULP Magazine: Annual K-Pop Report

Every year, PULP releases their K-Pop edition magazine that has a summary of all the K-Pop events happened in the year before that. For 2017, PULP brings all K-Pop fans their Annual K-Pop Report Issue #185.

For the Year 2016, there were events such as BIGBANG MADE: The Movie screening, K-Pop artists who flew from Korea to Manila to have their concerts like Lee Hi, BTS and many more. Other sections/articles that was included in the 2017 PULP Magazine are Happee Sy’s Seoul Train restaurant, must watch Korean dramas and movies of 2016, dressing up like a K-pop idol, fan stories and more.

As a YG Stan (avid fan of YG Entertainment artists), I really try to never missed the chance to see any of the YG Artists that’s why I made sure I can watch Lee Hi’s concert last year. With all the hype after the concert, I of course, posted some concert related photos and an intern from PULP messaged me if I can send my fan story on Lee Hi’s concert. Without any hesitation, I agreed to it. I was ecstatic to share my experience on watching the concert of Lee Hi.

So if you ever have a copy of PULP magazine, my fan story there is the same with my blog post, Lee Hi Seoulite Showcase in Manila 2016 Experience, which I wrote back in September 2016. I have sent my blog with some editing as my fan story.

If interested to buy one, PULP  Magazine is available at a price of Php450 each. It can be bought in selected bookstores nationwide. For the complete list of bookstores, you can visit their Facebook Page to know the location of the stores. The magazine could be ordered online and have it delivered by sending at email at shop@pulpliveworld.com

💸 This is not a sponsored/paid article.


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