I got affiliated with Wishtrend! 😊 💕 So happy that I got affiliated with one of my faves which are Korean beauty products! Wishtrend is not your ordinary online shop for K-beauty. Besides WISHing to give everyone reasonable prices, they value genuine beauty and they explore, select, create, enjoy and share the best products to help everyone become beautiful inside & out.

In Wishtrend, the products are explored in variety of brand especially those hidden brands that has the best quality. They also recommend products that really works which will be officially certified and loved by Wishcompany members.

I do really love that Wishtrend promotes natural beauty and investing more on skin care products. As they say, “We believe healthy skin is the best makeup you can do.”

If you have no clue about Wishtend, better continue reading to have an idea about them.

Wishtrend are Beauty Explorers.

They WISH to be Beauty Explorers with healthy lifestyles. They aim to share the beauty that they enjoy and love.

– EXPLORE products with great quality in the point of view of WISHTREND.
– SELECT the best quality products that are attractive.
– CREATE our own products to provide our customers with products with reasonable price and high quality.
– SHARE the products we love with the world.
– ENJOY the everyday change of becoming beautiful inside and out.


Wishcompany is a place where Beauty Explorers who are beautiful inside & out are gathered to promote reasonable consumption and healthy beauty.

Wishtrend caters not only skin care products, but also make up, hair, and body products. They cater different Korean brands such as Bentos, Cosrx, Chica Y Chico, Klairs, Mizon, Skin Factory, Skin&Lab, and more.

Delivery & Shipping

Wishtrend ships internationally and trying their best to cater all countries over the world. Below are some information about their delivery and shipping.

(c) Wishtrend.

For other information about Wishtrend’s delivery & shipping, you may visit their page here.

Free Shipping

Wishtrend also offers free shipping. Free shipping could be availed once you have ordered at least $69 or Php3450. A little tip is that you can order from them with your fellow K-beauty enthusiasts and split the shipping fee within yourselves.

They also have free shipping once you include their special item to your order.

(c) Wishtrend

Here’s their page on the special items that are for free shipping.

  • All information about Wishtrend. are all from Wishtrend’s website.

💸 This is not a sponsored/paid article.

For more information on Wishtrend, I’ll be leaving their contact information below:

Website: Wishtrend.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wishglobal
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest: @wishtrend
YouTube: http://www.wishtrendtv.com/

Customer Service: cs@wishtrend.com


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