G-Dragon Act III: MOTTE in Manila 2017 Experience

Kwon Ji Yong also known as G-Dragon in the K-Pop world is the leader and 1/5th member of BIGBANG under YG Entertainment. This time, he has a solo world tour introducing himself as Kwon Ji Yong instead of G-Dragon.

Last September 1, 2017 was the day every VIPs were waiting for – the day G-Dragon will have his 1st solo concert in the Philippines. His concert is entitled, “Act III: MOTTE,” MOTTE for “Moment of Truth The End” and for his concert in Manila, he had a special guest which is our very own Sandara Park! The concert was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City and started at around 8:30 in the evening and ended at 11:30pm.

The show started with G-Dragon’s songs from his first album which are, “Heartbreaker,” “Breathe,” and “A Boy.” G-Dragon showed up on stage through the moveable platform on the stage with a sound of a monitored heartbeat as a sign that the concert was starting.

“Heartbreaker” was the opening song having GD wearing an all red outfit and shouted “Make some noise!” Every VIP were singing along with GD especially on the chorus part. Before singing “Breathe,” GD said “How have you been Manila? Get ready to party!” After singing “Breathe,” GD had a little talk and said “It’s good. Manila is good. Welcome to the show! This is ACT III: MOTTE and I’m Kwon Jiyong.” Jiyong then bows down to the crowd. “So, how are you doing tonight? Uhmm back in the day, I still remember there was a one young boy. A young boy.” And the song, “A Boy” started.

The lights turned off and the next songs were “But I Love U,” “Obsession,” and “Go MichiGo.” In these songs, the lights were red giving an intense feeling while Ji Yong was singing. I really do like seeing Jiyong singing and dancing, well who doesn’t right? 😆The famous steps/movies for”MichiGo” was once again danced by Jiyong.

“One of A Kind” was the next song and what do you expect from PH VIPs? Well, we just sang along with Ji Yong (well, minus the rap parts I guess). 😂😂 And everyone was still going crazy over Kwon Jiyong’s concert. The song “R.O.D.” was next. Jiyong took of his red jacket and was wearing a black sleveless shirt. During CL’s part in the song, a video of her singing her parts flashes at the background. And Jiyong keeps saying “Me and my girl. Me and my girl we ride or die.” then lastly, he said “Me and you, we ride or die.” ❤️

All lights were out and Jiyong came from the middle/moveable stage again seating on a huge white chair. He changed his outfit to a velvet red suit with yellow sunglasses. “That XX” was on and everyone was shouting and singing a long – word per word. Well, I can’t blame them, it is one of my favorite songs to sing along too. 😅 He stopped singing and let PH VIPs sing “They say love is blind. Oh baby, you’re so blind!” During the rap part, he stood up on the giant chair and after it, he let VIPs again sing the remaining song. “Black” was next and he is down from the chair and back to the main stage. He used the “Black” English version featuring Sky Ferreira, and whenever the part of Sky Ferreira comes up, he let VIPs sing it again as if having a duet with him. 😍

After Black, the songs “Missing You” and”Hello” were sang with a special guest, Sandara Park! Everyone was cheering and screaming as Dara went out on stage and sang “Missing You.” Cheers were continuous throughout the whole time Jiyong and Dara were on stage. Everyone went crazier with this collaboration since it was unexpected that Dara will be singing with Jiyong in “Missing You.” In my opinion. Dara’s voice suits the song. Jiyong were quite playful in the stage and even gave bunny ears with his fingers on top of Dara’s head. ❤️

A short talk by the two artists after the song “Missing You.” And if I remembered it right, the following are what they said:

GD: Hi!
Dara: Hi!

GD: Hey guys! This is Dara.
Dara: GD!
Dara: Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat! Wassup Manila! Woo! (Good evening everyone!)

GD: How are you doing?
Dara: I’m good. How are you?
GD: Uhh.. I’m good.

GD: This time, for only like in Manila, the special guest is Dara. I hope you guys enjoy. And I know guys that you love her too. So, basically, like, we got one song but uhmm.. She wanna sing more so.
Dara: But before that, GD, uhmm… I really wanna thank you for having me here tonight. I really miss the Philippines. I miss the fans. I miss this mic. And… I miss you! Thank you. Salamat!
*GD moves closer to Dara*
Dara to GD: Salamat. Komawo, Kamsahamnida, it means thank you. Salamat.
GD: Salamat.
Dara: Salamat.

GD: So uhmm… Honestly like, when was the first time? When I was young maybe like teens, something like that I don’t know.. still she’s really like that you know, like, she’s still so pretty, huh?
Dara: woooh! Talaga? Chincharu? (Really?)
GD: Like, she’s really like the bestest thing right? So, we got a special gift for you all. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m kinda excited too. This song, is like, reminds me of back in the days you know.
Dara: Annyeong! Bye!
GD: I’ll see you soon?

GD: Alright, here we go!

After the talk, the two sang “Hello” and all the VIPs were cheering and screaming for the two. The two were having fun and playing around as if remembering the steps of the song since they sang it again after how many years. 😂As the song ends, Dara went to the middle stage and stage lift went down. Jiyong kept on saying “Where are you going? Don’t leave me. Heey!” as Dara went down and disappeared. To be really honest, this made me kilig and until of this writing, I think I can’t move on.

“Who You” was the next song and Jiyong keep saying “Babyyy Babyyy Babyy” while going near where Dara disappeared. He also went near it during the “Baby I just want you back, I want you back” and the “Baby, I hate you. baby, I love you” parts.

A video of Ji Yong’s friends, co-workers, and family flashed on the screen and they were interviewed who is G-Dragon and who is Kwon Ji Yong. It was a very touching video to see G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong from their perspectives. 😊❤️

The songs “Today” and “Crayon” were next and Ji Yong went up the stage in a director’s chair with a “KWON JI YONG: DIRECTOR” on it. He also had an outfit change having an all red outfit again with a red cap. Everyone was clapping along while Ji Yong was singing. Really, bow down for his rapping skills.

Kwon Ji Yong’s monologue came up to the screening. He was saying that people know him as G-Dragon and now wants to be known as Kwon Ji Yong. I was really touched by his monologue. Don’t worry Ji Yong, VIPs loves you for who you are. ❤️❤️❤️

Songs from his Kwon Ji Yong album which were, “Superstar,” “Middle Fingers Up,” “Bullshit,” and “Divina Commedia.” He once again had an outfit change still having a touch of red in his outfit but with white shirt, and denim pants and jacket. Everyone was chanting “Kwon Ji Yong! Kwon Ji Yong! Kwon Ji Yong!” instead of  “G-Dragon!”

Before singing “Divina Commedia,” he talked about the album. While he was talking, he accidentaly hit the mic with his lips and everyone was worried about it. Ji Yong was saying “It’s okay, okay. It’s like kissing the mic.”

About the album, Ji Yong said: “The  album is called myself, entitled, Kwon Ji Yong, so it’s really personal to me and it’s really important for my life. I have to be real so I was kinda like you guys might not feel me, but you got it, so thank you. In this tour actually, I learned a lot of things, I’m still learning even this moment, and I can have  chance to share it. I’m also human just like you, so sometimes I feel really, really sad or lonely. But we’ll be alright. You guys are here like I’m here. We’re together as always. That makes me feel really safe. I just wanna say I really love you guys and thank you for love. This time I’m alone but I represent my group, BIGBANG. They’re far and I’m here but we will come back together. So always, always be there and we will be there. We got only one song. It’s kinda like show’s over, but don’t worry, we’ll have time, we’ll come back soon. Actually, for this album, there wasn’t time to talk about me or whatever things I have to do but then I couldn’t, so I kinda feel so sorry about that, but I met a lot of people and a lot of amazing VIPs in the world so for me that’s really important and I was inspired a lot. So thank you for making my day and everything, everything.” (From @jillianyge on twitter)

Lights were turned off afet the song, signaling the last song before the encore. Everyone was chanting for the Kwon Ji Yong to come up for the encore already. Every VIP were shouting, “Kwon Ji Yong! Kwon Ji Yong! Kwon Ji Yong!” again and again until he will come out.

Lights were back and the song “Crooked” was playing for the encore. To our surprise, Dara was the one on stage and she was dancing. After a few minutes, Ji Yong went out and sang the song. At some point, Ji Yong let Dara sang some lines of the song. The dancers with Ji Yong and Dara also played around the stage and even went around like a train. 😂 As the song ends, confetti were thrown in the venue. Ji Yong introduced everyone from the band, dancers, Dara, and himself again. He keeps saying thank you to everyone and to every VIPs. ❤️

“Untitled, 2014” was the finale song for the MOTTE in Manila. Everyone was singing along with Ji Yong again. I truly felt the Kwon Ji Yong while he was singing. It was totally a serene scene to witness.

We were cheering “Kwon Ji Yong! Kwon JiYong! Kwon JiYong!” again and again. And at some point Ji Yong shouted “Dong Youngbae! Dong Youngbae” instead. 😂 He also sang a line of Taeyang’s song, “Darling.” I guess he was promoting Taeyang since he will have a concert this September 22 at Araneta Coliseum too.

To Kwon Ji Yong, just look at the VIPs holding the crownsticks. It looks like stars that watches over you (and of course, the rest of BIGBANG too). VIPs will always be here until whenever! ❤️❤️❤️

Kwon Ji Yong did it again. For the third time around seeing him again, I a still very satisfied, contened, and pleased with the concert. It was surely again one of the best concerts I have attended to. All these memories and experience to be cherished again. The price paying to watch him was so worth it! ❤️❤️❤️

Again, no regrets for this one! ❤️


  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Breathe
  3. A Boy
  4. But I Love U
  5. Obsession
  6. Go MichiGo
  7. One of A Kind
  8. R.O.D.
  9. That XX
  10. Black
  11. Missing You (feat. Sandara Park)
  12. Hello (feat. Sandara Park)
  13. Who You
  14. Today
  15. Crayon
  16. Superstar
  17. Middle Fingers Up
  18. Bullshit
  19. Divina Commedia
  20. Crooked (feat. Sandara Park)
  21. Untitled, 2014

💸This is not a sponsored/paid article.

For collaborations, sponsors, and other inquiries you may send an e-mail at ligoncarleen@gmail.com


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