Food Park in QC: Grub Hub

My friends and I was able to visit and try out Grub Hub. Grub Hub is the hippest and trippiest food park in the metro. They’ve got various food stalls to choose from and an instagrammable ambiance perfect for you!

Grub Hub is a 1,600-sqm food park that is divided into three dining areas- Junkyard, Greenhouse, and Hippieyard. Everything that you will see in the Junkyard is recycled, from the chandelier to the tables and chairs. The chairs are made of used tires and are very comfortable to sit in and the tables are made of used wheels and wood that were hand painted by the students of University of the Philippines who made the murals in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. (traveleatpinas, 2016)



Ichiba: Japanese Market Place

Ichiba Japanese Market Place serves authentic Japanese fresh food. Getting it from the market and serving to your table. It is the only Japanese Seafood Market and Japanese Food Hall in the Philippines.

Entering Ichiba, it really feels like you are in one of the market place in Japan. You will see live fishes, shrimp, and etc. that you can buy, and eat it there. They also have different stalls inside where they cook the different Japanese food such as Takoyaki, and Sushi.


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen is a new brand concept launched by Yamagoya Ramen, established since 1970, specializing in Chikuho noodles, Tonkotsu soup, Gyoza (Dumplings) and Chashu roast pork. Tapping on over 40 years of the long tradition through constant innovation, it is making her debut to spread the Japanese ramen culture internationally.

With a premium Japanese Ramen cuisine dine-in concept, they promise an indulgent, hearty delicious Japanese Tonkotsu ramen catering to all who wish to experience an authentic Japanese eating lifestyle.


Hobing: Korean Dessert Cafe

Hobing is a Korean dessert cafe that mainly serves bingsu (Korean ice dessert). They also have toasted bread, coffee, smoothies, Tteok-bokki (stir spicy rice cake) and Rabokki (stir spicy rice cake with noodle).

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert that usually have toppings like red beans, rice cakes, fruits, and more. The bingsu are placed in bowls and appears to be a snow-ice mountain like. This is usually enjoyed during summer.


Bean Box: Students’ New Hangout Place

Bean Box is a newly opened cafe surrounded by different universities in Manila. The name of this cafe explains why it is called when you entered the venue, “Bean” for coffee beans and “Box” since the seating area are like boxes. It mainly targets students who wants to hangout, eat, study, relax, or just sleep! Yes, you can sleep in their “boxes.” 😉 This cafe has a Korean feel in it because of its interior, posters of Korean artists on their windows, and their menu.


Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby

I was craving for some fries and fortunately was able to visit Potato Corner. Personally, Potato Corner is the best flavored fries for me! I really do love their bbq, and sour cream flavors.

Potato Corner has opened a “restaurant-like” environment this year with the name “Potato Corner + Nacho Bimby.” Usually, they are just in kiosks inside malls where you’ll order, and just wait for your fries to be cooked in front of it then leave. But with this store, it has chairs and tables where you can dine in.


Cafe for A Cause: PAWS Pet Cafe

First of all, PAWS or Philippine Animal Welfare Society is a registered non-profit organization that aims to protect and promote of humane treatment of all animals. It has an animal shelter called “PARC” (PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center) and is located at Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. PAWS also has rehabilitation for these animals in the hope of finding them new homes and a second chance at a good life.

Currently, the organization has two of its out-of-shelter programs which are PAWS’ humane education session and the Doctor Dog Program. If you want to know more about PAWS, I’ll have their contact details in the end of this post.


Ye Dang Korean BBQ Restaurant


Over the weekend, I have tried Ye Dang Korean Restaurant. Ye Dang serves authentic Korean dishes from their banchan (side dishes) to their main dishes!

Upon entering their restaurant, you will be greeted by the owners and staff saying the usual “Annyeonghaseyo!” or “Kamsahamnida!” once you are already done eating.😊

The serving of food was fast enough considering we ate during the peak hour (around 12:30pm). The serving of banchan were generous enough that I think I can already be full with the side dishes only. As I remembered, the banchan were some vegetables (spinach, I think), green onion pancake, kimchi, kimchi radish, sweet potatoes, some sweet anchovies (dilis), and fish cake! Every side dishes was delicious indeed. (more…)